Looking for something new te enhace your living experience-  or just refining any room at home or in the office...!


In today's media driven world, fusion is the means by which media is attached, fused, with artistic technology to form a dazzling thrust of energy. Mustering and moulding the power of that energy requires an artist, a master whose fusing vision adds lustre to the ordinary. Tonny Baars is such a master. When this cutting-edge designer studied existing technologies and new media he realised that a fresh take on art was possible. That the ordinary could be transcended.


Already speaking about the integration of art, media and technology for a couple of years, he suddenly perceived the contours of something distinctly useful combining art and technology, fusing smart and beautiful to fit artistic interior design. This was the start of a fresh range of artistic and visual eye-candy, a Multi-sensory way of experiencing slick beautiful art. The fusion worked out beautifully. The entire creative endeavour using new media is painstakingly done by hand and perfection is sought through personal approval.

Take a look for yourself.....you will not be disappointed.


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